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pokedstudio is pleased to offer you photoshop grunge dirt and aged effect layers to use in adobe software and other design programmes.

Have you ever wondered how designers and illustrators get an old looking aged effect on their designs and illustrations? It's often achieved with dirt maps in photoshop. I use images like these below as dirt maps when making aged grunge textures for my illustrations and textures for my 3D blender work. The dirt layers below are all png and jpg files some with transparent backgrounds.

Quick tutorial. To use in photoshop just lay them over your illustration layer/s and adjust the transparency blending type and colour of the dirt layer to achieve various aged and dirt effects on your illustrations and photos. Or use the wand tool to select areas on the dirt layer, when these are highlighted move to your image layer/s and delete, then hide the dirt layer, this creates a broken worn grunge look.

instructions / click the text below the images to download the file you need.
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no / 001

grunge photoshop splots
download splash layer png

no / 002

dirt grunge layer drip
splatter filter png

no / 003

splashes filter splatt
download splah filter png

no / 004

dirt layer dirt
download dirt layer

no / 005

grunge dirt stains

no / 006

dirt layer photoshop dirt map
download dirt png

no / 007

paper aged paper
download wrinkle png

no / 008

wrinkled paper creased paper
download dirt png

no / 009

splashes photoshop splash
download splatter effect

no / 010

water wrinkled dirt
download dirt image png

no / 011

dirt paper splatter
download splash png

no / 012

aged paper dark grey dirt
download dirt

no / 013

zeroone worn number dirt
download dirt image png

no / 014

circle dirt circle
download dirty circle png

no / 015

greydirt dirt letter
dirt layer download

no / 016

greydirt star worn out
dirt layer

no / 017

circle circus circle
download star png

no / 018

cardbaord grey card board
card board download

no / 019

coffestain coffee stains
coffee stain download

no / 020

spalt big splat
big splat download

no / 021

blots splatter blots

no / 022

greydirt large splat
large splat

no / 023

scribble paper scribble layer
scribble layer

no / 024

note pad note pad lines layer
note pad lines

no / 025

greydirt poke coming soon..
dirt layer download page

no / 026

greydirt poke coming soon..
dirt layer download page

no / 027

greydirt poke coming soon..
dirt layer download page

no / 028

greydirt poke coming soon..
dirt layer download page


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