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design studio
graphic design
atomic train
atomic train
atomic train rides through delta city | veiw illustration
affinity and beyond
client | Affinity Designer a new vector tool for Macs | veiw illustration
scary food
scary food
client | Vrij Nederland some scary food for for a magazine article | veiw illustration
unicorn war
the uncicorns have had enought | now its war! | veiw illustration
atomic boy
dont eat too much atomic food | available at clickforart | view pow
planets in solar system
field of dreams
an illustration created for a local exhibition | veiw field of dreams
planets in solar system
all the planets of the solar system | having a good time | veiw illustration
space city
Annabelles candy
client | Annabelles Candy art design work and assets for online game | candy in space | yum!
computer arts
big head yeh
client | Computer arts illustrator tutorial for computer arts magazine | how to create big head
field of dreams
illustration for art exhibition | field of dreams
food illustrations
I food love!
food having fun on a plate, yum! | food illustrations are yum!
gingerbread man
the raid
a raid in progress in downtown | someone wants revenge | view illustration details
cute animals
cute animals
forest creatures gather for a peace conference | see some cute animals, go on you know you want to...
3d animals
doomed animals!
flat out on the comfy chair | view those crazy creatures
robot camera 3d
client | LBS meet 8 3D robotic characters designed for LBS university | meet the design bots
super car
the wacky racers
wacky racers in a wacky race | wacky racers
robot mouse
power mouse
the super hi-tech power mouse 2000 receives a new heart | view 3d render
robot man
the garden
a garden on alpha B 34.1 | strange flowers and creatures abound | view artwork
robot army
rise of the machines
its 4045AD again and the machines are rising | the exodus from Delta city is on | robot illustration
avatar maddness
client | fightmymonster monsters, aliens, beasts, mutants, zombies, mashup | see avatar designs
robot mouse
u-mouse 3000 AD
a journey into the future | meet metal u-moues unit 102e | view illustration
fightmymonster character
monster maddness
client | fightmymonster monsters, aliens, beasts, mutants, zombies, mashup | view monsters
hewlett packard
printer world
client | hewlett packard illustrations for a website portal | view fantasy worlds
microsoft wallpaper
windows 8 tattoo
client | microsoft illustration for windows 8 desktop backgrounds | view tattoo's
eye ball
fantasy forest
meet strange creatures in the dark forest | view forest
sweets from hell
yum sweets and chocolate yumies | viewilustration
funny face
life in orange
a world full of orange | the cycle of life and death viewilustration
big eyeball
monster family
illustrations created during 2012 | meet the monster family | view monsters
face of future
extinction part 2
futuristic city of doom | view city illustration
isometric worlds
clients | dot net, one housing isometric style illustration for print | view illustrations
extinction part 1
the destruction of nature | personal project | view rabbit illustration
cute bear
winter wonderland
client | microsoft wintery scene for a website promotion of windows explorer 9 | view robot illustration
city destroyer
robot monster mashes up olden days city | view robot illustration
characters for food
sprett characters
clients | tine | designhouse oslo characters and backgrounds | view 3d characters
online game concept art
entry into illustration exhibition | view space illustration
magazine spreads
magazine spreads
clients | dont net | popular mechanic | penguin books a selection of magazine and book illustrations | view magazine spreads
online game concept art
dark dark forest
illustration time again | cute animals in a dark dark forest | view illustration
online game concept art
client | tiger beer art work created for tiger beer international art exhibition | view tiger translate
online game concept art
massive attack
illustration time again | cute animals v's weapons of mass destruction | view massive attack art
online game concept art
fight my monster
client | fight my monster illustration and art direction for online game and social site | view fightmymonster art
isometric art
3D lands
3d lands of wonder | let them eat pixels | view 3D lands illustrations
isometric art
8-bit lands
illustrations inspired by 8-bit video games of the 1980' s| view illustration art
mad bear
morning of doom
fantasy illustration in 3D | the morning of doom | view illustration
summer scene
apoteket summer
client | apoteket swedish pharmacy in store display | view apoteket summer
odwalla world
client | odwalla step into odwalla world | illustration for fruit drink company | view odwalla world
funny character
the octobeast loves destroying forests a little mayhem goes a long way | view vector beast
funny character
click safe
client | central office of information government campaign for internet safety | view campaign
funny character
vector fun
a selection of recent personal vector illustration s| view vector illustrations
funny character
3D creatures
some squidd like aliens have their lunch | view 3d creatures
snowboard illustration
rossignol snowboard
client | Rossignol illustration for limited edition snowboard range | view snowboard
funny character
monster of rock
the monster of rock thrashing his guitar | view monster of rock illustration
funny character
angus the robot
client | Argos angus the toy tester robot | for CITV sponsor advert | view angus the robot
funny character
electric chair
a strange winged creature and an old house | view electric chair
fruit illustration
life smoothies
client | Life Smoothies fruit characters and illustration | view life smoothies
hoshi hamster
hoshi hamster
client | Humana little hamster for a desktop application | view hoshi hamster
deep sea diver
the deep blue
a trip into the ocean | 3D illustration | created with blender view the deep blue
one eyed monster
monsters for fun
client | computer arts magazine monsters and creatures for magazine spreads | view monsters
fairy story
animals around the house
animals and creatures around the house and garden | view illustrations
3d lemon character
doritos flavour shots
client | doritos posters for advertising campaign | view posters
canvas shoe
canvas shoe
client | string republic new images inspired by childrens stories | view canvas shoes
3d creature
promo poster
pokedstudio promo poster | the calling | view illustration
sumo wrestler
social media skins
clients | sumo events, jay is games illustrated backgrounds for myspace and twitter | view skins
robot map
client | FHM magazine illustrated map representing robots around the world | view FHM robot map
3d chacracter
avengers 2042AD
3D characters in a space battle, good v evil as usual | view 3D illustration
computer arts illustration
magazine illustration
client | computer arts projects magazine retro game show style picture | view illustration work
playstation advert
Sony PSP 3000 advert
client | sony PSP fun world of characters for sony psp | view psp3000 art work
icecream friends
experimenting in 3D with blenders new settings and photoshop | view icecreams
vector eye
cute animals alert!
cute characters with big eyes face ultimate forces | view cute vector illustration
mushroom graveyard
a new print from pokedstudio | view vector illustrations
vector eye
the deep and monsters
the deep see and other creatures | view portfolio illustrations
web site banner
web site banner
client | jay is games | banner and icon set for games review blog | view website banner
web site banner
character design
featured | big book of illustration ideas 2 | character design featured in design book | view snigger
giant waves
end of the world...
another destuctive art work | as lovers face the end of exiseance |together | view illustration
wild wild west
Collab | Stick-A-Thing | some cowboys face up to the bad cacti | view stick a thing image
octopus drawing
doddles and drawings
a collection of various doodles that turned into drawings | childrens book style illustrations | view doodles and drawings
the sun that fell..
vector art | the day the baby sun fell to earth | the sun that fell to earth
hello volcano
hello volcano
vector illustration | mysterious volcanos explode in a far away land visit | hello volcano
forest pandas
3D illustration | mysteries of the forest night pandas | see more of pandas of the night forest
good morning forest
vector illustration | some scary bears plating in the forest | see more of good morning forest
video game mushrooms
power up mushrooms
3D illustration | power up mushrooms illustration from the world of retro video games | see more of power up mushrooms
angry cloud
clouds revenge
vector illustration | the clouds gang up and take revenge on the world | see more of | clouds revenge illustration
pirate and sea monster
vector illustration | a pirate and a sea monster laugh as they plan to destroy the world | see more of | pirate and sea monster
super mario
only one life left
vector illustration | a parody of the super mario brothers video game of the 1980's | only one life left
cute panda
panda extinction
vector illustration | no one predicted the great panda extinction that happened in 2350AD | see more of the great panda extinction
the destroyer
vector illustration | the detroyer lives in the deepest oceans and love nothing better than to detroy | see more of the destroyer
mr plankton
mr planktons lab
3D art | a recreation of one of the characters from a popular TV show | see more of mr plankton
pandas like music
Client | GC records | hand drawn illustration | to celebrate the great music found at GC records | see more of pandas like music
vector monster image
the herd
vector illustration | created with freehand mx | for all you vector fans out there | also available as a desktop background | view more of the herd
pacman thumb
Ms pac-man
client | urbanretro | 3D illustration created with blender | for all you retro arcaders gamers | available in a large variety of screen sizes | ms pac-man
robot thumb
3D illustrations | robotic themed illustrations created with blender | for all you robotic robot freaks | view more robot inspired 3D art mech(x)being
digit thumb
gary and the bots
client | digit magazine |illustration commissioned for the march 2007 cover of digit magazine | view more of gary and the bots
3D birds illustration design | some lonely birds in a tree waiting for something to happen | view more of together
hand drawn illustrations | childrens book | project to illustrate "the jabberwocky" a poem by lewis carol | see more of jabberwocky
run flowers, run
vector art | the flowers escape in the night | see more of run flowers, run
hand drawn illustration | tools | fat and skinny marker pens on thick stock paper | see more of bob
russian dolls
russian dolls
an experiment in 3D to achieve a photo realistic render | see more of russian dolls
one eyed monster
monsters one
I love monsters especially if they only have one eye |image shows a little one eyed monster on the run from the guardians | see more of monsters one
mtv starzine
Client | MTV | MTV starzine website illustrations | these images were comissioned an MTV social network site | see more of mtvstarzine
poke reach+1
Collab | reach+1 |a project run on flickr inviting 1000 artists designers to participate to customize blank "FU" sticker | see more of poke reach+
angry bear
bear vs man
some angry bears | a vector illustration created in adobe illustrator CS3 and photoshop | see more of bear vs man
space hogs
the space hogs are fun loving aliens | hand drawn illustration with a bit of remixing in photoshop | see more of space hogs
spaceships 3D
3d renderings with blender | a collection of various spacecraft | see more of spaceships 3d
flash website
coming soon...
flash website
coming soon...
clients include MTV | Sony Playstation | BBC | Doritos | VRAK-TV | Jay is games | Creativity magazine | Digit magazine | National Library of Wales | FHM magazine | Computer Arts | Britvic | Microsoft | Nicklelodean | Mattel | Rossignol | Channel 4 | Argos | popular mechanic | odwalla | fight my monster
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