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Barry Hays Flying V Formation by jonathan ball

Last year we were approached by Bert from in Holland to supply artwork for a band he was working with. They were Dutch rockers, Barry Hays Flying V Formation.

They wanted a cover based on a image I'd created a while back, this was modified to suit the artwork requirements. Bert then created the rest of the album design and text.


On its release the album has gone straight to number one in the Dutch in the Dutch Vinyl Top 50!

Which is great for the band! The album is available on Coloured vinyl, black vinyl and CD.



Character design master class by jonathan ball

Pokedstudio's Jonathan Ball is pleased to be a tutor at The Masterclasses am Brillantengrund from 17-20th November 2016

Masterclasses am Brillantengrund is a workshop series for creatives from all over the world. Twice a year, for a few days, participants and international lecturers will meet at a great place where they can learn from each other, exchange opinions and experience, and simply have a great time. The classes are open to everyone who is working in creative business, but also to senior students and advanced autodidacts.

The Venue
The Hotel am Brillantengrund, right in the heart of Vienna

Who´s behind it?
Atelier olschinsky, design studio from Vienna. Other artists involved are Steve Simpson, Mattias Adolfsson and Sergi Brosa.

Apply or view more details here

Hello Kitty and 99 Friends exhibition by jonathan ball

Pleased to be part of the upcoming Hello kitty and 99 friends show in April this year. Check out the flyer below for details of the show.

Here's a preview of my piece based on the character Coro Chan. Its will be a one off print and available to buy at the show.

TUTORIAL - Create a toon city with Blender and Photoshop by jonathan ball

I love the quality of crisp highlights and bright colours you often get with hand drawn and vector cartoon illustration and animations. This is sometimes referred too as toon shading. You can create this effect in 3D programs such as Blender , but it takes a bit of tweaking to get good results. I use a combination of Blender and Photoshop for my toon look images and animations. You can also download the 3D Blender source file here ( no redistribution or sharing allowed ). This will help you see more clearly how the image is constructed.


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Meat is murder by jonathan ball

I find butcher shops fascinating, so though it would be fun to make an image of some meat characters. The image also features "cake" from adventure time, just for fun!.

The image was created in Blender 2.76 and then comped in adobe photoshop.

Spongebob illustration by jonathan ball

Spongebob promo illustration for Nickelodeon

Created with Blender and Cycles, comped in photoshop

Nickelodeon’s “Spongebob Squarepants” used with permission by Nickelodeon.
©2015 Viacom Media Networks. All Rights Reserved. Nickelodeon, all related titles, characters and logos are trademarks owned by Viacom Media Networks, a division of Viacom International Inc.

Gusto Robusto Exhibition by jonathan ball

Pokedstudio will be at Gusto Robusto Exhibition in Treviso Italy on the 25th of September to sign prints , there will be around 20 other artists exhibiting.


The list includes

- Orlando Arocena- Mexifunk Illustrator - PRESENTE
- Jonathan Ball - PRESENTE
- Roberto Hikimi Blefari - PRESENTE
- Francesco Bongiorni - PRESENTE
- Mirko Càmia - PRESENTE
- CranioDsgn
-Tom Lane Ginger Monkey - PRESENTE
- Alessandro Shout Gottardo - PRESENTE
- Maria Grønlund - PRESENTE
- Brandon Johnson Ragnarama
- Fabio Marangoni - PRESENTE
- Andrea Minini - PRESENTE
- Sara Penco illustrator - PRESENTE
- Gloria Pizzilli - PRESENTE
- Marco Goran Romano, @Goran Factory - PRESENTE
- Marta Sorte - Illustration - PRESENTE
- David Sossella - PRESENTE
- Francesco Sposato - PRESENTE
- tokyoplastic - PRESENTE
- Fabrizio Morra, winner of the contest. - PRESENTE



Advanced Photoshop Magazine Feature by jonathan ball

Always nice to see our work in a great magazine. In this months issue of Advanced Photoshop Magazine ( no 139 ) there is a 6 page write up about Pokedstudio and how we work.

We would like to that the folks at Advanced Photoshop for the feature!

Super modified Behance book by jonathan ball

Pokedstudio is glad to be featured in Super Modified, a new book from the Adobe and Behance. It presents a tightly curated collection of "cutting-edge" creative work from all over the world, Super-Modified: The Behance Book of Creative Work takes you inside the trends driving today’s most exciting art and design creations. Available from Gestalten

pokedstudio pages

super modified